[pkg-php-pear] Bug#785281: Bug#785281: php-seclib and php-math-biginteger: error when trying to install together

David Prévot david at tilapin.org
Thu May 14 13:24:07 UTC 2015

Le 14/05/2015 03:42, Ralf Treinen a écrit :
> Package: php-math-biginteger,php-seclib
> Version: php-math-biginteger/1.0.2-2
> Version: php-seclib/0.3.10-2

> automatic installation tests of packages that share a file

>   /usr/share/php/Math/BigInteger.php

It’s even the same file (the one from php-seclib seems to be a more
recent version).

Mathieu, I assume you introduced php-math-biginteger as a php-horde-mapi
dependency, would it be OK to directly depend on php-seclib instead?

php-seclib is a bit bigger (since it ships all secure communication
library [0]), but is already a dependency of a few packages (collabtive,
dokuwiki, owncloud, and spotweb), so “simply” declaring a conflict may
prevent a Horde user to install a bunch of thing (and vice versa).

I could also split php-math-biginteger from php-seclib if size is really
an issue. I’m not sure that moving the common file in another directory
would be worth it (since Debian would be shipping two copies of the same
files, in different versions…), I was on the contrary already bugging
packages shipping their own (partial) embedded copy of php-seclib to use
the packaged one.

[0] http://phpseclib.sourceforge.net/pear.htm



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