[pkg-php-pear] Bug#785281: Split phpseclib?

David Prévot taffit at debian.org
Sat May 16 15:53:40 UTC 2015

[ Following up to #785281 only, all recipient should get the message
  from it (once). ]

Hi Mathieu,

Le 16/05/2015 08:07, Mathieu Parent a écrit :

> There are three problems here:
> 2./ The current package name from composer should be php-phpseclib
> instead. I will file a bug about this.

There is already #757537. If that’s enough, I can try and work on it.

> 3./ The php-phpseclib should "provide" all the libraries it ships.
> This would be the proper fix for #785281.

I can prepare that (with a temporary workaround for #757537 too). Since
php-horde-mapi currently depends on php-math-biginteger (>= 1.0.2),
php-math-biginteger (<< 2.0.0) (i.e. the older version from PEAR, but
with a higher version), I’m not sure how we should move forward.

A priori, versionless provides won’t be enough to satisfy the
php-horde-mapi dependency, so just adding versionless provides for all
the packages available from the phpseclib channel won’t be enough to fix
this issue.

Since versionless provides is not enough, using the phpseclib version
(currently lower than 1) for all provided packages will not help
satisfying the current php-horde-mapi dependency either. I could also
add another fake “provides: php-math-biginteger (= 1.0.2-3)” for example
(i.e., a bit higher than the current php-math-biginteger real package),
or you could patch php-horde-mapi to drop the versionned dependency for

Please let me know if you prefer me to add this additional hack into
phpseclib, or if you’re willing to drop the versionned dependency from



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