[pkg-php-pear] Bug#785468: Composer: Please, relax self.version

David Prévot taffit at debian.org
Sat May 16 17:19:36 UTC 2015

Package: pkg-php-tools
Version: 1.29
Severity: wishlist
Control: affects -1 php-zend-code php-zend-stdlib php-zend-eventmanager php-zend-db


Currently, self.version is replaced by (= $version) where version is the
current package version.

In the Composer context, this is only relevant for the upstream part of
the version, so maybe it should instead be replaced by something like
(<< $upstream_version+) and (>= $upstream_version).

Context: Zend FrameWork 2 is finally splitting its components, but still
uses self.version to match the dependencies. I used to handle the
packaging of php-zend-* elements in the same repository, and make
coordinate uploads (i.e., using some sort of manual “build multiple
binary from the same source” workflow).


This workflow is still needed (at least the coordinate uploads) due to
the strict versionned dependencies between the packages, but could be a
bit relaxed with the above proposal (e.g., if we need to add a fix to
php-zend-code, we wouldn’t need to upload also php-zend-stdlib and
php-zend-eventmanager just to match the strict dependency).

I hope this won’t bite us during Jessie’s lifetime (thinking about
security issues), but we may at least improve the situation for Stretch.

I’ll try and propose a patch for this one if nobody beats me to it, in
the mean time, feel free to comment on the proposal.

Strict version dependencies are rare in the Composer context (and often
a mistake), but still, pkg-php-tools may relax them a bit (i.e., instead
of replacing "1.2.3" by (= 1.2.3), using as proposed above something
like (<< 1.2.3+) and (>= 1.2.3)).


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