[pkg-php-pear] Bug#785281: Bug#785281: Split phpseclib?

David Prévot taffit at debian.org
Sat May 16 18:58:33 UTC 2015

Hi Mathieu,

>>> 3./ The php-phpseclib should "provide" all the libraries it ships.
>>> This would be the proper fix for #785281.
> Digging a bit, this would not be the proper fix for #785281.
> Here is an extract from the diff:
>   * Here's an example of how to use this library:
>   * <code>
>   * <?php
> - *    include('Math/BigInteger.php');
> - *
> - *    $a = new Math_BigInteger(2);
> - *    $b = new Math_BigInteger(3);
> + *    $a = new \phpseclib\Math\BigInteger(2);
> + *    $b = new \phpseclib\Math\BigInteger(3);
> [...]
> +namespace phpseclib\Math;
> [...]
> Those are two different classes, with different namespaces.

I can’t see such difference between the currently packaged phpseclib and
php-math-biginteger. The namespaces change is supposed to happen in the
next 1. or 2. branch of phpseclib, but the latest upstream version as
available in Debian, is not yet inside this new namespace.

Ha, that reminds me of the “good old times” and

> It seems They should probably be installed at a different path:
> /usr/share/php/Math/BigInteger.php
> /usr/share/php/phpseclib/Math/BigInteger.php

Not yet, sorry.

> I prefer that the files are moved. But this may be a painfull transition.

One we’ll have to take care anyway, but I don’t intend to start it before
upstream publish a stable release with the new namespase (not even an
alpha has been published yet).

> I'd welcome if the phpseclib package Provides php-phpseclib-file-asn1

Sure, I’ll had the others too, but the previous question still stands:
should I
> add another fake “provides: php-math-biginteger (= 1.0.2-3)” for example
> (i.e., a bit higher than the current php-math-biginteger real package),
> or [would] you [
] patch php-horde-mapi to drop the versionned dependency
> for php-math-biginteger.



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