[pkg-php-pear] [Pkg-owncloud-maintainers] sabre/dav version and upcoming update

"David Prévot" taffit at debian.org
Sun May 24 18:09:45 UTC 2015

Hi Mathieu,

> 2015-05-24 5:16 GMT+02:00 David Prévot <taffit at debian.org>:

>> Currently (as in Jessie), Horde *Dav and ownCloud both use version 1.8
>> of sabre/dav (as available in the php-sabre-dav package).
>> Soon, ownCloud 8 will need the version 2.1 (as already available in
>> experimental), but for Horde 6, that’s not so sure [1].
>> I could introduce a
>> php-sabre-dav-2.1 package, and have it installed out of the usual path
>> (and deal with it in the owncloud package), while keeping php-sabre-dav
>> at version 1.8 as long as needed by Horde.

>> [ My preference, as a php-sabre-dav maintainer, would be to keep the
>>   latest version in the usual path, and provide older version outside of
>>   it, but I’m probably biased as an owncloud maintainer too. ]
> Yes, using  latest version in the usual path. Even, the Sabre_Dav 1.8
> can directly come from the php-horde-dav package (where it is
> bundled).
> Unfortunately, I won't have much time in the upcoming month (and maybe
> more). And I even d'ont have an idea how to avoid namespace clashes.

Having the hands in both owncloud and php-sabre-dav, it will be easier for
me to patch one to use the other patched one out of the usual path, so I
intend to go and introduce php-sabre-dav-2.1.

Since you stated not “hav[ing] much time in the upcoming month (and maybe
more)”, I guess that should do the trick in the mean time, but please,
keep us posted if you have anything that could even partially answer the
initial question (at least for the upstream part, I have no clear view
about where to dig for information about Horde upstream, and would be
happy to at least try and figure that by myself by looking at their Horde
*Dav VCS):

> Do you have any information, pointer to a roadmap or a VCS to figure out
> what is coming next in Horde, and when (and especially in Debian)?

Hopefully, we’ll figure something less hackish before Stretch gets released



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