[pkg-php-pear] Bug#801269: Superseeded by pkg-php-tools

Mathieu Parent sathieu at debian.org
Thu Oct 8 05:25:07 UTC 2015

Package: dh-make-php
Version: 0.4.0
Severity: normal
Control: block -1 by 784047 784048 784049


pkg-php-tools is here since wheezy (and squeeze-backports), and it builds most of the PEAR/PECL/Composer packages now. The major difference is that dh-make-php is CDBS-oriented and pkg-php-tools is dh7-oriented (but both can probably be used either way).

debpear can be used to bootstrap a package.

I propose to remove dh-make-php from stretch and sid, once the blocker bugs are fixed (currently: 3 reverse builddeps).

Thanks Uwe Steinmann for this package!


Mathieu Parent

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