[pkg-php-pear] Bug#814858: Moving forward with the PHP 7.0 transition

David Prévot taffit at debian.org
Mon Feb 22 14:17:27 UTC 2016

[ Following up from #814809 where #814858 has been cloned from. ]


> I am guessing that most of the work would be done by binNMUs with new
> pkg-php-tools

Again, “we’ll need to rebuild (no binNMU for arch:all
) every PHP class
anyway”. Anyway, given the current amount of build-dependency loops mostly
for running the test suite at build time (especially in the PHPUnit and
Symfony ecosystems), and that build profile [1] are not yet supported on
buildd for bootstrapping, we’re probably doomed to do a fair amount of
manual handling ;).

    1: <https://wiki.debian.org/BuildProfileSpec>

I’m not afraid to start team-uploading, especially the needed bits for the
PHPUnit and Symfony ecosystems, once we can. We might even be lucky enough
to be able to use a php7-ready pkg-php-tools within the current
(build-)dependency state and let the packages build on
buildd-infrastructure (crossing fingers ;).



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