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Bhuvan Krishna bhuvan at swecha.net
Wed Jan 6 09:37:44 UTC 2016

Thanks a lot for answering. I will go through the links and suggestions. 


On 6 January 2016 13:31:01 GMT+05:30, Mathieu Parent <math.parent at gmail.com> wrote:
>2016-01-03 12:06 GMT+01:00 Bhuvan Krishna <bhuvan at swecha.net>:
>> Dear Team,
>> I am working on php-htmlawed and php-mf2 packages the later has been
>> accepted and the first one is getting reviewed by Mattia Rizzolo who
>> helping me to get the packages to debian. I have few questions
>> pkg-php
>> 1. How to move the package which I am maintaining to pkg-php?
>Move the git repo to the pkg-php directory and ensure permissions are
>(on git.debian.org, in /git/pkg-php/)
>> 2. Are there any more manuals or tips for packaging php other these?
>>     - https://wiki.debian.org/Teams/DebianPHPGroup
>>     - pkg-php.alioth.debian.org
>The READMEs in the pkg-php-tools package (/usr/share/doc/pkg-php-tools)
>There are also the Debian policy and developper reference. See
>> 3. In case of guidance were can I first go?
>Ask here if you have any question.
>> 4. Does pkg-php team has periodic review of the work or a quick
>> in irc or anything similar?
>No. Review is currently done on the mailing list.
>> 5. I see only 2 messages in #debian-php both by me. So does the team
>> hangout in irc anytime?
>Don't know.

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