[pkg-php-pear] php-file-fstab_2.0.3-1_amd64.changes REJECTED

Paul Richards Tagliamonte ftpmaster at ftp-master.debian.org
Tue Mar 1 11:00:20 UTC 2016

>From the Reject FAQ:

| if you have a PHP add-on package (any php script/"app"/thing, not PHP itself)
| and it's licensed only under the standard PHP license. That license, up to the
| 3.x which is actually out, is not really usable for anything else than PHP
| itself. I've mailed our -legal list about that and got only one response, which
| basically supported my view on this. Basically this license talks only about
| PHP, the PHP Group, and includes Zend Engine, so its not applicable to anything
| else. And even worse, older versions include the nice ad-clause.
| one good solution here is to suggest a license change to your upstream, as
| they clearly wanted a free one. LGPL or BSD seems to be what they want.	

I see the author is @php.net, however since the copyright is to him, and not the PHP
group, they can't use the mark:


   Copyright (c) 2004, 2005 Ian Eure


Please feel free to respond to this email if you don't understand why
your files were rejected, or if you upload new files which address our

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