[pkg-php-pear] Bug#817754: php-google-a* maybe not so useless (Was: Useless in Debian)

David Prévot taffit at debian.org
Tue Mar 15 11:18:58 UTC 2016

Hi Benoit,

Le 15/03/2016 04:54, Benoit Mortier a écrit :
> Le 09/03/16 21:38, David Prévot a écrit :
>> Package: php-google-api-php-client
>> Package: php-google-auth

>> [ Filled as an RC-bug by the maintainer to see the package auto-removed
>>   from testing, and not let it block the PHP 7.0 transition. ]
>> I packaged php-google-api-php-client as used by owncloud
>> I intend to follow up with an RM request in a few months if nobody
>> objects (but feel free to beat me to it).

> we are the developper of FusionDirectory and we will soon have a
> google-apps plugin that will use this library
> could we keep it inside debian

Let’s hold on the RM request then. Please ping us back when your plugin
is in the archive. You may wish to step up for the maintenance
(including dependencies) then: not sure I’ll stay around the PHP PEAR
(and Composer) Maintainers much longer once the ownCloud mess is done.



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