[pkg-php-pear] Comments regarding php-guzzle_3.9.3+dfsg-6_amd64.changes

David Prévot taffit at debian.org
Sat Mar 26 05:57:39 UTC 2016

Hi Chris,

Le 25/03/2016 22:56, Chris Lamb a écrit :
> Hm. cacert.pem kinda scares me - is this used/updated/ etc etc?

[…]//php-guzzle$ grep ca-cert debian/control
Depends: ca-certificates,
[…]/php-guzzle$ cat debian/links

As updated as ca-certificates (aka: embedded copy FTL, system stuff FTW)

> Also, not sure if it's even copyrightable

Exactly my thoughts, but keeping an old entry to try to be on the safe
side (the file used to have a header documenting the license).

[…]/php-guzzle$ grep -A2 cacert debian/copyright
Files: src/Guzzle/Http/Resources/cacert.pem
Copyright: 2014, Mozilla Foundation
License: MPL-2.0

Thanks for accepting the package, and sorry for bothering you with the
NEW queue (it shouldn’t have reached it, especially if I hadn’t tried to
“hide” the initial FTBFS by an _all.changes upload after my initial
_source.changes ons, sorry again).



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