[pkg-php-pear] Request to join pkg-php-pear project in alioth

RajasekharPonakala rajasekhar at swecha.net
Sun Sep 4 07:30:43 UTC 2016

hello team,
	   this is rajasekhar from India, Hyderabad. I'm a student in a state
government university named Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University.
For the past four years i've been associated with debian. When i started
using it, for me its like first introduction to GNU/Linux. More or less
it took an year to understand the actual working environment with Linux.
After that started thinking beyond that like developing debian. So i
started with troubleshooting like dependency errors , booting problems,
starting up of modules, system drivers, gnome display errors etc,. So
after that i'm pretty much interested towards the developing packages in
debian. So i quickly started referring to guides relating to packaging.
And now trying to build pear libraries that not in debian. Finally all
the above mentioned aspects where only possible while volunteering
Swecha. In Swecha we educate people to use free software. So me as a
volunteer in Swecha, learning many things that's pretty new to me and at
the same time thinking possibilities as an user also as a developer. So
i kindly request you to add me for the project to develop debian :)) .

thanking you.


Hactivist @swecha
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