[pkg-php-pear] Bug#905254:

Cyrille Bollu cyrille at bollu.be
Mon Dec 10 11:03:04 GMT 2018


Latest version of cacti upstream still uses PHPMailer 5.2.x.

I've created a bug upstream: https://github.com/Cacti/cacti/issues/2206


It seems like latest version don't necessarily use phpmailer anymore:


>commit 57932e183745bada9c6183056597cb5276f68d10
>Author: Andrew Dolgov <noreply at fakecake.org>
>Date:   Thu Nov 22 14:45:14 2018 +0300
>    remove PHPMailer and related directives from config.php-dist; add
pluggable Mailer class

maybe tt-rss maintainer should be asked to update to latest upstream


I haven't understand what should be done

ocsinventory-server & ocsinventory-reports:

Newest upstream version (2.5) will depend on PHPMailer 6.x

Not upgrading libphp-phpmailer  blocks upgrade to newest upstream versions
of these packages (which also somehow blocks #905396 and CVE-2018-14473).

I'll try to create the link between those bugs (#905254 block #905396)


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