[pkg-php-pear] Bug#939698: lintian: warning about pkg-php-tools versioned dependency conflicts with cme suggestion

David Prévot david at tilapin.org
Sun Sep 8 01:25:02 BST 2019

Le 07/09/2019 à 11:00, Antonio Ospite a écrit :
> Package: lintian
> one of my packages build-depends on pkg-php-tools, and I used to have
> that as a versioned dependency, as suggested by this lintian warning:
> W: tweeper source: pear-package-feature-requires-newer-pkg-php-tools (>= 1.7~) for Composer package support
> However I found out that running `cme check dpkg` on said package
> suggests to remove the versioned dependency because it has become
> unnecessary:

It has become unnecessary since at least oldoldstable, so full ack. I’m
not the pkg-php-tools maintainer, just a member of the PHP PEAR (and
Composer) team taking care of ~100 of PHP library packages.



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