[pkg-php-pear] Bug#966392: Bug#966392: Bug#966392: Bug#966392: php-codecoverage: FTBFS 4 tests failed

Robin Gustafsson robin at rgson.se
Thu Jul 30 20:37:01 BST 2020

Hi David,

> Thanks for your investigations, but I wouldn’t waste too much time on
> bugs affecting packages from experimental. Such bug (FTBFS) will
> obviously have to be addressed for the next upload (hard to upload a
> package if it can’t be built ;), but in the mean time, it has zero
> effect on the release. Furthermore, as you already noticed, they may
> already be fixed upstream before that.

OK, I see! Thanks for the guidance. I hadn't worked with experimental
before so I looked into this issue as a learning experience. Good to
know that I shouldn't bother too much with this type of issue in the

> FWIW, PHPUnit 9 will probably not make it for Bullseye, as it may
> currently breaks many (if not most) of its reverse build-dependencies,
> so the related packages (php-codecoverage, php-timer, etc.) have no way
> to make it to Sid until Bullseye is released. The current rate of
> upstream adoption of PHPUnit 9 seems really low. We’re still carrying a
> fair number of patches to make testsuites work with PHPUnit 8 (and even
> lower). I guess it will be fair game to upload PHPUnit 9 (and Synfony 5)
> early in the Bookworm release process (as we uploaded PHPUnit 8 and
> Synfony 4 early in the Bullseye release process IIRC) and then fix the
> related mess it will cause.

I see. There's indeed no hurry with this then.


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