[pkg-php-pear] So little time and yet so much to do

Robin Gustafsson robin at rgson.se
Mon Nov 2 19:14:28 GMT 2020

Hi David,

> I’ve received a few requests in the past month that I have not yet been
> able to proceed and I apologize.

I think that at least one of those would be mine. Don't worry about it.

> I find myself currently with less free time than I used to, and I’m
> afraid it’s not going to change before at least the beginning of the freeze.
> Even if I’ll try to keep “my” packages in shape as much as possible, I
> doubt I’ll be able to proceed any sponsoring before the freeze.
> Keep up the good work and sorry again.

If work gets blocked by a single person's absence, I believe that to
be an organizational problem, not a personal one. Even so, it's only
natural when the organization runs mainly on donated volunteer hours.
It's a scarce resource.

Nonetheless, I hope you'll eventually have more time again. Your input
and sponsorship has been very helpful to me, and likely to others, and
is very much appreciated.


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