[pkg-php-pear] RFS: php-laravel-framework - security fix

Robin Gustafsson robin at rgson.se
Fri Apr 30 20:19:34 BST 2021

Hi David,

On Fri, Apr 30, 2021 at 8:48 PM David Prévot <david at tilapin.org> wrote:
> Please, document d/gbp.conf accordingly (for next time).

Definitely. It's already done on debian/latest actually. I avoided
that change here as it's not in testing, out of worry that it could
potentially be a problem for the unblock as unrelated/unimportant.

> You also should
> have documented (in d/changelog) the fact you updated previous changelog
> entries.

Alright. I'll keep that in mind if I have to do so again (e.g. if this
issue gets a CVE).

> Anyway, uploaded (in order not to delay the security fix).


> Also, the security issue is probably also affecting stable (as #980899),
> you may want to help git it fixed that or at least get it documented.

Seems so. I'll start by filing a bug at least.


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