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We’ve got off the biggest of the muck, my lady, said the landlady.

I have not had time to reckon, my lady.

Miss Wigger’s self-control put Herbert Linley in the wrong, before she took the trouble of noticing what he had said.

Where are your eyes? You are generally so quick. This morning you are quite unlike yourself — so weak, so tearful, and timorous. Have you not seen that by side of the cabman there sits another man altogether? One of the most remarkable men of the age, as your dear Yankees say.

Have you fixed upon anything? she said to Lucy that evening.

This goody Liu was an old widow, with a good deal of experience. She had besides no son round her knees, so that she was dependent for her maintenance on a couple of acres of poor land, with the result that when her son-in-law received her in his home, she naturally was ever willing to exert heart and mind to help her daughter and her son-in-law to earn their living.

Shandon looked round him once more and consulted his watch. The twelve o’clock letters had been distributed. In despair he told Johnson to start. The boatswain ordered the deck to be cleared of spectators, and the crowd made a general movement to regain the wharves while the last moorings were unloosed. Amidst the confusion a dog’s bark was distinctly heard, and all at once the animal broke through the compact mass, jumped on to the poop, and, as a thousand spectators can testify, dropped a letter at Shandon’s feet.

Lady Isabel’s thoughts were far away—up in the clouds perhaps. She reflected not on the possible consequences of her answer, or she had never given it.

Of course I meant to do so when I gave the promise, he interrupted. But no sooner had I set my foot in London than I found myself overwhelmed with business, and away from it I could not get. Even now I can only remain with you a couple of days, for I must hasten back to town.

Mr. Ferrars liked to have a chat every now and then with Farmer Thornberry, who had a shrewd and idiomatic style of expressing his limited, but in its way complete, experience of men and things, which was amusing and interesting to a man of the world whose knowledge of rural life was mainly derived from grand shooting parties at great houses.

do not all forsooth amount to searching for chrysanthemums? And that

He had got into a private carriage as he spoke, and it drove away; I could see that it had a great coat-of-arms upon it.

Mr. Wall! Mr. Wall!


Of Barbara Hare.

Yes, I have seen her, assented old goody Liu. She bade us wait. As she spoke, she again looked out of the window to see what the time of the day could be. It’s getting quite late, she afterwards proceeded. We must be going, or else we mayn’t be in time to get out of the city gates; and then we’ll be in a nice fix.

Well, we shall see what Canning will do about the Test and Corporation Acts, said the great personage. I understand they mean to push him.

My little Minha is enthusiastic to-day, said the padre.

Because a lost woman is a more friendless creature than a lost man.

The injuries lay chiefly in her left leg and in her face—the lower part of her face. The surgeons, taking their cursory view of her, as they did of the rest of the sufferers, were not sparing in their remarks, for they believed her to be insensible. She had gathered that the leg was to be amputated, and that she would probably die under the operation—but her turn to be attended to was not yet. How she contrived to write she never knew, but she got a pen and ink brought to her, and did succeed in scrawling a letter to Lord Mount Severn.

Had you, indeed. Eighty pounds, and a coach to ride in!

The inmates to seek each a home will be fain.

Pao-yü had ever, it is true, shown a glib tongue, but on the present occasion he was so deeply affected by Chin Ch’uan-erh’s fate, and vexed at not being able to die that very instant and follow in her footsteps that although he was now fully conscious that his father was speaking to him he could not, in fact, lend him an ear, but simply stood in a timid and nervous mood. Chia Cheng noticed that he was in a state of trembling and fear, not as ready with an answer as he usually was, and his sorry plight somewhat incensed him, much though he had not at first borne him any ill-feeling. But just as he was about to chide him, a messenger approached and announced to him: Some one has come from the mansion of the imperial Prince Chung Shun, and wishes to see you, Sir. At this announcement, surmises sprung up in Chia Cheng’s mind. Hitherto, he secretly mused, I’ve never had any dealings with the Chung Shun mansion, and why is it that some one is despatched here to-day? As he gave way to these reflections. Be quick, he shouted, and ask him to take a seat in the pavilion, while he himself precipitately entered the inner room and changed his costume. When he came out to greet the visitor, he discovered that it was the senior officer of the Chung Shun mansion. After the exchange of the salutations prescribed by the rites, they sat down and tea was presented. But before (Chia Cheng) had had time to start a topic of conversation, the senior officer anticipated him, and speedily observed: Your humble servant does not pay this visit to-day to your worthy mansion on his own authority, but entirely in compliance with instructions received, as there is a favour that I have to beg of you. I make bold to trouble you, esteemed Sir, on behalf of his highness, to take any steps you might deem suitable, and if you do, not only will his highness remember your kindness, but even I, your humble servant, and my colleagues will feel extremely grateful to you.

But an instant after his head was raised, and his expression was that of a man resolved to do his duty to the last.

I don’t know about it myself yet, said William, softly rising. The gardener told Lucy when she was out just now: I did not go; I was tired. He said—

On the Monday Lizzie went out hunting for the first time in her life. It must be owned that, as she put her habit on, and afterwards breakfasted with all her guests in hunting gear around her, and then was driven with them in her own carriage to the meet, there was something of trepidation at her heart. And her feeling of cautious fear in regard to money had received a shock. Mrs. Carbuncle had told her that a couple of horses fit to carry her might perhaps cost her about ??80. Lord George had received the commission, and the check required from her had been for ??20. Of course she had written the check without a word, but it did begin to occur to her that hunting was an expensive amusement. Gowran had informed her that he had bought a rick of hay from a neighbour for ??5 15_s. 9_d. God forgie me, said Andy, but I b’lieve I’ve been o’er hard on the puir man in your leddyship’s service. ??5 15_s. 9_d. did seem a great deal of money to pay; and could it be necessary that she should buy a whole rick? There were to be eight horses in the stable. To what friend could she apply to learn how much of a rick of hay one horse ought to eat in a month of hunting? In such a matter she might have trusted Andy Gowran implicitly; but how was she to know that? And then, what if at some desperate fence she were to be thrown off and break her nose and knock out her front teeth! Was the game worth the candle? She was by no means sure that she liked Mrs. Carbuncle very much. And though she liked Lord George very well, could it be possible that he bought the horses for ??0 each and charged her ??60? Corsairs do do these sort of things. The horses themselves were two sweet dears, with stars on their foreheads, and shining coats, and a delicious aptitude for jumping over everything at a moment’s notice. Lord George had not, in truth, made a penny by them, and they were good hunters, worth the money; but how was Lizzie to know that? But though she doubted, and was full of fears, she could smile and look as though she liked it. If the worst should come she could certainly get money for the diamonds.

No, laughed she.

With this remark still on his lips, he laid hold of the saddle and mounted his horse; and, followed by the whole bevy of pages, he crossed over to Chia She’s on this side; where having discovered that Chia She had nothing more the matter with him than a chill which he had suddenly contracted, he commenced by delivering dowager lady Chia’s message, and next paid his own obeisance. Chia She, at first, stood up and made suitable answer to her venerable ladyship’s inquiries, and then calling a servant, Take the gentleman, he said, into my lady’s apartment to sit down.

In view of the reason brother Chen advances, madame Wang rejoined, you had better assume the charge at once and finish with it; don’t, however, act on your own ideas; but when there’s aught to be done, be careful and send some one to consult your cousin’s wife, ever so little though it be on the subject.

The attack was longer and broader, but that was the substance of it, and Isabel was goaded to resistance, to anger little less great than that of the countess. This!—and before her attendant! She, an earl’s daughter, so much better born than Emma Mount Severn, to be thus insultingly accused in the other’s mad jealousy. Isabel tossed her hair from the hands of Marvel, rose up and confronted the countess, constraining her voice to calmness.

Mr. Gundry was leaning back in his own corner, with a favorite pipe, carved by himself, reposing on his waistcoat. And being thus appealed to, he looked up and rubbed his eyes as if he had been dozing, though he never had been more wide awake, as I, who knew his attitudes, could tell. And my eyes filled with tears of love and shame, for I knew by the mere turn of his chin that he never would surrender me.

And you, doctor — what do you think? asked Shandon.


Lady Isabel burst into tears. I can’t die for the trouble, she wailed. You keep my children from me. They must not come, you say, lest I should betray myself. Now you would keep my husband. Joyce, Joyce, let me see him!

Where is he now?

Erema, you are a — well, you are a silly! Major Hockin exclaimed, and then colored with remembering that rather he should have let my lapse pass. But the lapidary seemed to pay no attention, only to be calling down to some one far below. Now mind what you say, the Major whispered to me, just as if he were the essence of discretion.

Besides, if we are not mistaken in our conjectures, said Shandon, the voyage will be undertaken under good conditions. The Forward’s a bonny lass, with a good engine, and will stand wear and tear. Eighteen men are all the crew we want.

With a sharp cry, she seized the arm of Mr. Carlyle—seized it for support in her shock of agony. Mr. Carlyle rudely thrust the man away; he would willingly have flung him at full length on the pavement.

Pao-yü heaved a sigh. Don’t you truly fathom the depth of my words? he inquired. Why, do you mean to say that I’ve throughout made such poor use of my love for you as not to be able to even divine your feelings? Well, if so, it’s no wonder that you daily lose your temper on my account!

That reply, and the inference to which it led, tried Catherine’s resolution to preserve her self-control, as nothing had tried it yet.

Where is the man with my waterproof? demanded Mrs. Carbuncle. Lord George had sent the man to see whether there was shelter to be had in a neighbouring yard. And Mrs. Carbuncle was angry. It’s my own fault, she said, for not having my own man. Lucinda, you’ll be wet.

When Pao-yü came to peruse it, he found, above, such medicines mentioned as sweet basil, platycodon, carraway seeds, mosla dianthera, and the like; and, below, citrus fusca and sida as well.

How lucky it is you’ve reminded me? Pao-yü observed with a smile. And putting, while he spoke, his head out of the window: Cousin Pao-ch’ai, he cried, when you’ve had your repast, do tell Ying Erh to come over. I would like to ask her to plait a few girdles for me. Has she got the time to spare?

Yea, yea, said he, but abide awhile; they could make nought of the highway, and two of their sergeants had a message from the grey-goose feather. Abide, for they have not crossed the road to our right hand, and belike have not seen our fellows on the other side, who are now for a bushment to them.

You see, Fragoso, said Minha, when you marry Lina, diamond takes the place of diamond, and you do not lose by the change!

‘This bullet is just like those of my own pistol!’ he cried, and he sat down hard with amazement. You may suppose how this went against him, when all he desired was to know and tell the truth; and people said that of course he got it out, after a bottleful of doctors failed, because he knew best how it was put in.’

But I did; and with that rascal I have had money dealings for the last six or seven years. He has cashed bills for me, and has my name to bills now — and Sir Griffin’s too. I’m half inclined to think that he has got the diamonds.

And so am I. I have learned that you are in possession of certain jewels which I cannot allow to be held by my wife.

Some visitors are in the drawing-room, my lady, Susan says. Mr. Justice Hare and Mrs. Hare and Miss Barbara.

Miss Kitty stared at Miss Westerfield — only for a moment, sir — as if she didn’t quite understand, and then knew her again directly. The doctor had just called. He drew up the blind to let the light in, and he looked, and he says: ‘Only be careful’— Tender-hearted Susan broke down, and began to cry. I can’t help it, sir; we are all so fond of Miss Kitty, and we are so happy. ‘Only be careful’ (those were the exact words, if you please), ‘and I answer for her life.’— Oh, dear! what have I said to make him run away from me?

On the 24th of February he stopped all of a sudden. A red light appeared about 300 paces in front, and a column of black smoke went up to the sky.

She spoke in a tone half jest, half serious—could he but have seen how her heart was breaking! Mr. Carlyle took it wholly as a jest, and went away laughing. Had he believed she was serious, he could have been little more surprised had she charged him not to go about the country on a dromedary.

There was no hope left for the accused. No commutation of the sentence was possible, for the crime was committed in the diamond arrayal. The condemned man was lost. But during the night which preceded his execution, and when the gallows was already erected, Joam Dacosta managed to escape from the prison at Villa Rica. We know the rest.

Would not let me this early morn trudge out in vain with my cash-laden staff.

Attentions; what attentions? I have received plenty of attentions, most flattering attentions. I was honoured even this morning by a most gratifying attention on the part of his grace the Duke of Omnium.

You will break it off with Manoel Valdez!

BRAZA (burning embers) is a word found in the Spanish language as far back as the twelfth century. It has been used to make the word brazil, as descriptive of certain woods which yield a reddish dye. From this has come the name Brazil, given to that vast district of South America which is crossed by the equator, and in which these products are so frequently met with. In very early days these woods were the object of considerable trade. Although correctly called ibirapitunga, from the place of production, the name of brazil stuck to them, and it has become that of the country, which seems like an immense heap of embers lighted by the rays of the tropical sun.

Well, yes! Fragoso ended by exclaiming; but it is not to me that all this happiness is due, it is due to Lina!

That’s a fine game of forfeits! Old lady Chia cried, with a smile. It just suits the time of the year.

What man?

You are to go away with me, the school-mistress proceeded, and to be taught to make yourself useful under my roof.

Is the post in?

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