[pkg-php-pear] How to indicate PHP8 incompatibility for bullseye (and buster-backports)?

Guilhem Moulin guilhem at debian.org
Fri Feb 26 18:43:37 GMT 2021

Hi there,

The version of Roundcube we're aiming to include in Bullseye is not
compatible with PHP8 (#977687).  We've traditionally had unversionned
Depends: php-* to smooth upgrade paths and let users decide how they
want to upgrade.  I added (<< 2:8.0~) in order to mark the


However on the second thought it's less than ideal because some Bullseye
users will likely want upgrade to PHP8 via deb.sury.org or other
third-party repositories.  Changing the Depends to php7.4-* (and
php7.3-* for buster-backports) is not correct since the package doesn't
depend on PHP 7.4 per se, but on any version ≥5.4 and <8.0.  Using
php7.0-$foo | … | php7.3-$foo | php7.4-$foo isn't an option since one
needs the same version for all dependencies.

How best to indicate PHP8 incompatibility in the control file then?
(I'm focusing on Bullseye here, doesn't matter to me if a solution would
lead to Roundcube being kicked out from testing early in the Bookworm
release cycle when the PHP8.0 transition completes.)

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