[pkg-php-pear] How to indicate PHP8 incompatibility for bullseye (and buster-backports)?

Guilhem Moulin guilhem at debian.org
Fri Feb 26 22:09:52 GMT 2021

On Fri, 26 Feb 2021 at 21:16:15 +0100, Ondřej Surý wrote:
>> On 26. 2. 2021, at 20:48, David Prévot <david at tilapin.org> wrote:
>> Le 26/02/2021 à 14:52, Ondřej Surý a écrit :
>>> What about adding:
>>> Breaks: php8.0-common
>> How is that relevant to the expressed concern?

Right, I'd prefer not to take away the user's ability to up/downgrade
php-* as they see fit, and since I guess Roundcube isn't the only
package in that situation (incompatible with PHP8, depending on multiple
php-* packages) I wanted to hear from maintainers more familiar with the
PHP ecosystem than me :-)
> Since there’s no other tight coupling, then there’s nothing that
> roundcube package can actually do except perhaps add a patch that
> would check the PHP version in the prominent file and break early with
> message about PHP 8.0 not supported.

That's perhaps the easiest, in fact since I added the upper the bound
Roundcube upstream has released a new version with such a check.  It
means that Bullseye users upgrading php-common will likely end up with a
broken Roundcube, but as long as php7.X-* packages are still available
they should be able to fix things.  Not perfect, but after all we don't
officially support 3rd-party repositories.  Definitely better than
blocking the upgrade anyway.  I guess that will do until Bullseye is

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