[pkg-php-pear] Problems rebuilding various php packages

David Prévot david at tilapin.org
Thu Nov 18 09:58:31 GMT 2021

Hi Sven,

Le 18/11/2021 à 04:59, Sven Mueller a écrit :
> I'm running into the same error with various such packages:
> PHP Warning:  require_once(Theseer/Directoryscanner/autoload.php): failed

It should be DirectoryScanner (capital S).

> to open stream: No such file or directory in
> /usr/share/php/TheSeer/Autoload/autoload.php on line 4

It looks like phpab (that provides 
/usr/share/php/TheSeer/Autoload/autoload.php) was rebuilt with an older 
version of php-directory-scanner (that didn’t provide 
/usr/share/pkg-php-tools/autoloaders/php-directory-scanner yet).

> Do you have any hint what else could be wrong with my rebuilds?

We’re in the process of making composer badge packaged (and especially 
autoload.php) building more automatic (thanks to Robin who provided 
phpabtpl), and I may have not always declared versioned relationship 
when doing so.


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