[pkg-php-pear] The fun begins

Robin Gustafsson robin at rgson.se
Sun Nov 28 14:03:08 GMT 2021


On Sun, Nov 28, 2021 at 1:52 PM David Prévot <david at tilapin.org> wrote:
> tl;dr: Symfony 5 transition started, PHP 8.1 transition on its way.
> [...]
> I *think* that everything is in place now (and all blockers are identified).

Thanks again David for leading this work.

> I initially missed php-laravel-lumen-framework (#1000696). These four
> packages either need to be fixed or be (temporarily) removed from
> testing in order to allow Symfony 5 to transition to testing, hence the
> RC-status of the related bug reports.

Removal from testing seems most likely for Laravel and Lumen (and
that's fine by me). It'll take some time to get the new versions in,
as there are not only several dependencies in need of updates but also
a few new ones to package.

> A priori, only php-nesbot-carbon needs a fix (probably updating to a new
> upstream release), Robin already said he was looking into it (this may
> also fix a PHP 8.1 compatibility issue documented in #1000654).

I hope to fix it all at once. php-nesbot-carbon is first on my
priority list of Debian-related things as it's involved in all three
processes (PHP 8.1, Symfony 5, Laravel 8).

> [...]
> Robin, I can see you have a lot on your plate (at least
> php-laravel-framework, php-laravel-lumen-framework and
> php-nesbot-carbon, and probably some reverse-(build-)dependencies to
> update or introduce). Is there something we can do to help (I don’t mean
> to pressure you, but maybe you’d welcome if some of us could work on
> some packages while you’re busy working in some others)? We can prepare
> fixes and stage them in a wip branch on salsa if that helps (so you can
> review changes before accepting them).

Indeed, it'll require some work. I've been very busy outside of Debian
lately too, so I haven't been able to prioritize this highly enough
yet. Hopefully soon.

I gladly welcome contributions to any of "my" packages in general. I
can review and coordinate changes if needed.

As for the PHP8.1/Symfony 5/Laravel 8 upgrades specifically, I'll
include the list of packaging needs that I've identified below. If
anyone's inclined to take on any of these steps, just let me know so
that we can coordinate.

php-nesbot-carbon                  upstream 2.54.0
                                   + php8.1 compat (#1000654)
                                   + symfony5 compat
php-phpoption                      upstream 1.8.0
php-dragonmantank-cron-expression  upstream 3.1.0
php-vlucas-phpdotenv               upstream 5.4.0
php-swiftmailer                    upstream 6.3.0
php-ramsey-uuid                    upstream 4.2.3
php-laravel-framework              upstream 8.70.2
                                   + symfony5 compat (#1000560)
php-laravel-lumen-framework        upstream 8.3.1
                                   + symfony5 compat (#1000696)

NEW graham-campbell/result-type    upstream 1.0.21
NEW laravel/serializable-closure   upstream 1.0.3
NEW brick/math                     upstream 0.9.3
NEW ramsey/collection              upstream 1.2.2
NEW voku/portable-ascii            upstream 1.5.6

(The upstream versions applied when I investigated it, but there could
be even newer versions now that we could possibly use instead.)


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