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David Prévot david at tilapin.org
Mon Jun 20 18:04:01 BST 2022

Hi Fab,

Le 11/06/2022 à 14:26, Fab Stz a écrit :

>> Welcome in real world where every upstream do it there own way… One way
>> to handle such case could be to […]

Of course, Robin has a better idea ;).


Using “dh -XTest.php” instead of “dh” should simply do the trick (well, 
phpab needs tweaking too, as he did for php-league-mime-type-detection).

Always a good idea to look in the same vendor name area (php-league-* 
packages here), some specificity may already be handled…

>>>> The testsuite requires Internet, so needs-internet should be added to
>>>> Restrictions.
[…]>>>> Furthermore, buildd do not have Internet access during the 
build, so the
>>>> testsuite must be amended (e.g., filtering away the test or data set
>>>> requiring Internet) to run there (at build time, via dh_auto_test):
>>> So, for autopkgtest, it will use the internet? But if I patch/remove the
>>> test, then internet is not needed anymore, so no need to add
>>> "needs-internet" ?
>> Well, it would be nicer to run the whole testsuite, but your patch won’t
>> allow it.
>>> So for buildd which doesn't have the internet we have to remove the test?
>>> For now I created a patch that removes the download of these files.
>> Maybe moving the part that needs Internet to a new test, properly
>> setting a new (e.g., internet) group could be excluded (e.g. “phpunit
>> --exclude-group internet”) at build time, while being executed at runtime.
>> […]
> I'm really not at ease with php unit test. Actually I don't know it. Could we
> leave it that way?

The attached patch seems to do the trick: “phpunit --exclude-group 
network” skips the problematic test for buildd, “phpunit” run all tests 
for debci, and the patch might even be accepted upstream.

Not sure you’re using “gbp pq” to handle patches BTW.

You should also sign your tags (next time, of course).


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