[Pkg-privacy-maintainers] Bug#965088: Waiting for release 2.3

Antoine Beaupré anarcat at debian.org
Mon Feb 22 20:34:39 GMT 2021

On 2021-02-22 21:13:40, Diederik de Haas wrote:
> On Sat, 14 Nov 2020 23:14:12 +0100 Ulrike Uhlig <ulrike at debian.org> wrote:
>> I did not forget about this, but I'm waiting for 2.3 to be released, as
>> there has been some huge refactoring which concerns the packaging of
>> Onionshare, see https://github.com/micahflee/onionshare/pull/1208.
> Version 2.3 has been released (and tag added yesterday). 
> Is it too late for Bullseye?


Everyone is a terrorist.
You're just not pissed enough.

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