[Pkg-privacy-maintainers] Bug#793987: xul-ext-torbirdy: Torbirdy options not visible in Icedove 31.7.0

intrigeri intrigeri at debian.org
Mon Aug 24 21:28:54 UTC 2015


[fully quoting because I'm adding the privacy team to recipients.]

Jacob Appelbaum wrote (24 Aug 2015 20:33:02 GMT) :
> On 8/24/15, intrigeri <intrigeri at debian.org> wrote:
>> Hi Ben, hi Jacob,
>> Ben Bailess wrote (29 Jul 2015 15:55:12 GMT) :
>>> I recently installed Torbirdy using the pkg xul-ext-torbirdy in order to
>>> have
>>> connection to system tor by default. When I open icedove, I do not see the
>>> typical green text at the bottom of the status bar stating "Torbirdy
>>> Enabled:
>>> Tor"... so I purged the pkg and reinstalled, with no change.
>> Thanks for this bug report. It seems that Icedove 31.7 landed in
>> stable and testing ~3 months ago, so I'm kinda surprised that nobody
>> else reported this problem to Debian. popcon is low, but still.

> I'm also surprised - I totally missed this bug though, so I'm not too surprised.

>> Jake: are you aware of this problem? Is it fixed upstream in 0.1.4?

> I think it is indeed fixed in 0.1.4 and it seems that Ben has confirmed it.

>> Do you have time to take care of it? Or should we look into other
>> options (e.g. pkg-moz-ext, as suggested a while ago, and/or the new
>> pkg-privacy team)?

> I don't have time in the next week or two - no.

@Privacy team: can anyone give a hand?

>> Also, note that torbirdy is scheduled to be removed from testing in
>> a few days, due to this bug.

> Oh dear - I had missed that entirely.

>>> I then purged the pkg again and installed from Icedove add-ons, and
>>> it worked as intended, [...]
>> Ben: what exact version of Torbirdy did you install this way?

> I think based on timing it had to be 0.1.4 if it was installed from
> addons.mozilla.org.

>>> Let me know if I can help with anything to facilitate the package
>>> being updated.
>> Ben: If you are knowledgeable about Debian packaging, the you'll find
>> all the pointers you need there:
>> https://tracker.debian.org/pkg/torbirdy

> If I understand the issue, I believe we just need to upload 0.1.4 - it
> is straight forward.

OK, thanks a lot for the clarification!


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