[Pkg-privacy-maintainers] Bug#780628: parcimonie: support gpg2

nodens nodens at nodens.org
Wed Sep 23 19:10:10 UTC 2015


some thoughts on this issue, maybe it can stir new ideas.

We can control (kill) the dirmngr using gpgconf --kill dirmngr.
We can't kill it just before launching our torified gpg process,
however, because there is a risk of race condition (another one could be
launched before we actually run our torified gpg).

If it's created on-demand by existing gpg process, we could kill it
after launching our gpg process and refresh keys to launch a new one
(but the race condition issue may still occur if any gpg2 process can
launch a dirmngr).

If we can find a way to check whether the dirmngr is torified, we could
check before refreshing and kill it if it isn't.

dirmngr can also be launched explicitly as a daemon, but this is
deprecated according to the documentation so we probably don't want to
go that way. It can be launched interactively with its own sockets to
listen to commands, also : this is, according to the man "only used for
testing", but maybe it's possible to take advantage of this mode to
launch a dirmngr dedicated to parcimonie.

Or we could run gpg with an alternate homedir, all files in it being
symlinks to the real homedir except the dirmngr socket (bonus points for

That said, it seems Werner is thinking about this problem upstream, by
adding --use-tor and --force-tor switches, see

(not really implemented yet).



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