[Pkg-privacy-maintainers] Bug#805745: ricochet-im: Change dependencies to make backports easier?

Petter Reinholdtsen pere at hungry.com
Mon Nov 23 22:09:27 UTC 2015

[Ximin Luo]
> Hey, thanks for the patch. I spoke to upstream and we agreed there's
> no reason why this shouldn't work in principle.

Good to hear.  I have not yet been able to test it, as I do not have
anyone else I know using ricochet. :)

> I'll apply your patch in git, so that it will appear in the next
> upload. However, I don't think I will make a new upload just for this
> patch.

Aha.  When do you plan a new upload?

> I'm also not sure I want to maintain a backport just yet, since it's
> still experimental software. But if someone else is willing to
> maintain it, I can help with sponsoring.

I just wanted the backport for myself at this time, and thought it best
to share it for those of us that want it to work on Jessie.  I did not
expect you to maintain a backport of it. :)

Happy hacking
Petter Reinholdtsen

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