[Pkg-privacy-maintainers] urgent: help updating torbrowser-launcher in jessie

Holger Levsen holger at layer-acht.org
Sun Mar 27 03:06:50 UTC 2016


I've prepared torbrowser-launcher for the upcoming Jessie point release
in the branch debian/jessie-proposed but sadly it fails to build… or
rather, the patches fail to apply.

When I apply them manually with "quilt push -a", the apply fine, just
when dpkg applies them when running "debuild", they dont.

Help on this would be *much* appreciated. Besides explaining the patches
(and adding appropriate Closes: #xxxxx information) in debian/changelog
the branch debian/jessie-proposed is ready. (I can update the changelog,
thats easy, but I'm kinda very tired of fighting with quilt + source 3.0
format madness.)

from #debian-release:

<h01ger> | i think i'll fail updating torbrowser-launcher this week. git patches + quilt kill me
<h01ger> | the patches itself are simple, but… applying them properly not so much
<h01ger> | and i'm kinda sick fighting with quilt + debian/patches for these commits i've seen + reviewed + applied several times already
<h01ger> | it just needs to get in now, as the current version in jessie will break on may 3rd or earlier, when ever tor-project.org gets a new ssl certificate. and this is probably the last point release til then

For making it into the next point release we should upload really really
soon I probably wont have any time to look into this tomorrow, but I could
finish that changelog and upload tomorrow evening late or on Monday.

Help with this would be much appreciated.

	Holger, getting frustrated about this "team maintenance"

P.S.: I also neither had time nor energy to deal with the apparmor
      problem on jessie.
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