[Pkg-privacy-maintainers] Bug#801224: torsocks: [syscall] Unsupported syscall number 250

intrigeri intrigeri at debian.org
Thu Jun 23 13:22:30 UTC 2016

Control: tag -1 + moreinfo

Hi Niels,

Niels Thykier wrote (07 Oct 2015 15:14:28 GMT) :
> Running polularity-contest with torsocks gives a warning:

> """
> torsocks /etc/cron.daily/popularity-contest --crond
> [Oct 07 17:11:53] WARNING torsocks[5038]: [syscall] Unsupported syscall number 250.
> Denying the call (in tsocks_syscall() at syscall.c:465)
> """

syscall numbers are architecture dependent, so: what architecture did
you experience this on?

E.g. 250 could be:

* keyctl on amd64:
* fadvise64 on i386:

Once I have this info I'll ping upstream about it, so the
corresponding syscall is allowed (if that's safe) in next release.

(I can't reproduce this here with torsocks 2.1.0-2 on sid.)


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