[Pkg-privacy-maintainers] RFS [torbrowser-launcher] annotated tag debian/0.2.7-1 created (now 2076dd2)

intrigeri intrigeri at debian.org
Sun Jan 29 10:35:00 UTC 2017


> my DD account has not been created yet, so I would like to kindly ask
> one of you to upload this to the archive.

Sure, I can do that in the next few days.

debian/copyright needs an update though: upstream has bumped some
copyright years. Other than that, after a quick review it seems ready
to upload.

> I have one problem though, and i'm unsure what to do about it.
> dpkg-source complained about changed binary .mo files, so I added these
> files to debian/source/include-binaries.

> Those files are marked in .gitignore.

> Is there a way to prevent dpkg-source from complaining without the need
> to add those files to the abovementioned place?

I think the problem is that those files are present at all, when
dpkg-source is called. I guess they shouldn't be.

I would first try building the package in a cleaner environment; e.g.
after running `git clean -fdx' (beware, read the corresponding doc,
this might delete files you want to keep), which should ensure that no
leftover .mo file from previous builds is left around.

If that's not enough, I would investigate what exactly leads to
dpkg-source complaining. I see no .mo file in the upstream tarball, so
there must be something wrong in the build system, that creates .mo
files at the wrong time. Might it be that that whatever `dh clean'
calls generates .mo files?


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