[Pkg-privacy-maintainers] Bug#845989: Bug#845989: Bug#845989: Bug#845989: Bug#845989: marked as done (browser can't be downloaded because of invalid SSL certificate)

u u at 451f.org
Wed May 3 10:56:00 UTC 2017


thank you very much for your remarks. I'd certainly appreciate some help
by fellow members of the Privacy team, as well as insight, since I
suddenly became the de-facto maintainer of this package.

Holger Levsen:
> On Wed, May 03, 2017 at 08:29:00AM +0000, u wrote:
>> As you might know, the version in Jessie is 1.9.x - very outdated and
>> one should always use the version from jessie-backports. 
> no.
> the version in jessie should be fixed or torbrowser-launcher should be
> removed from jessie.

> both can be done, but needs someone doing it. (just sadly the timeframe
> to get this fixed in the next pointrelease just passed. so hopefully this
> will be fixed for the pointrelease after.)

I'm currently trying to get 0.2.7 into the archive.

> using stable-backports to "fix" bugs in stable is *not* the way to go.

I'm not sure in which part of my previous email you were reading that I
was suggesting this.

> (it might be the way to go for a user to workaround bugs in Debian though :)

That's pretty much what I intended to say and what the email from Lev
seemed to be about.


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