[Pkg-privacy-maintainers] The future of torbrowser-launcher (and similar) in Debian

u u at 451f.org
Sat Jun 17 09:39:00 UTC 2017

Dear intrigeri,

> 1. What Tor Launcher (not TBL!) currently does as a Firefox add-on,
>    i.e. providing a GUI to configure and start little-t-tor, will be
>    moved to an external meta-process.
> 2. Said external meta-process will also handle the initial download,
>    further upgrades, and sandboxing of Tor Browser.
> 3. Said external meta-process will be supported by upstream Tor
>    Browser people as a first-class citizen.
> Once this is done, I think that we should package the meta-process in
> Debian, that will supersede TBL entirely. Interestingly, that thing
> already exists (except #3 is not *that* clear currently): it's called
> sandboxed-tor-browser. But the future of the current implementation is
> unclear so far, so I say let's wait a bit for the dust to settle and
> a better supported solution exists before we add stuff to the archive…
> and to our maintenance plate!
> Ulrike, and anyone else particularly interested in TBL and/or
> applications sandboxing, let me know if you're going to read (and
> follow) that thread yourself, or if you'd rather see me keep
> summarizing here what's happening there.

Thank you so much for keeping your eyes open all the time and
communicating such important modifications to this list! <3

I'd love to get a summary, because I'm not subscribed to the list you
mentioned, if that's indeed fine with you.


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