[Pkg-privacy-maintainers] Offer to help with the Privacy Maintainers group

Ulrike Uhlig ulrike at debian.org
Mon Jun 4 10:22:00 BST 2018

Hi Loïc, hi team,

thank you intrigeri for phrasing your last email I fully agree with.

On top of the reasons mentioned in this email, involving consentment and
social skills as a necessity to work together in a team, instead of
employing insisting & pressuring techniques, I want to give you some
more reasons for this rejection in order to complete the picture, Loïc:

I'm not aware of your involvement with any of the packages maintained by
this team, be it by reporting bugs, participating in this mailing list,
or working on code upstream prior to your request to put
pdf-redact-tools under this team's umbrella.

Many people, before joining this team, have a history with working on
the software we maintain and ask to join only once they've already built
up a relationship with the team and/or the maintained software, not the
other way round.

The pdf-redact-tools package can very well live elsewhere on Salsa than
under this team's umbrella. It's a command line office tool that, even
though it has been written with privacy in mind, can very well be used
outside of this realm. This is by no means unusual, the 'tor' package is
not maintained by our team either, for example.

As putting this package under the team's umbrella has not been subject
to a team consensus (contrary to other packages for which an email has
been posted to the list with request for comments before adding the
package), and in case we do not find a common understanding from this
point on, I furthermore propose that we unparent pdf-redact-tools from
the team's umbrella. This will not prevent anybody to maintain or work
on this package, so you won't be the SPOF, a reason you brought up to
put this package under the team's umbrella in first place.


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