[Pkg-privacy-maintainers] sbws package to be part of this team?

u u at 451f.org
Mon Jul 23 13:10:00 BST 2018


> ju xor:
>> i just created an ITP [0] for sbws [1].
> Great!


>> It would be nice if this package maintenance would not depend only on
>> one person and i thought this is a suitable team for it.
>> I have created the initial package [2] and intend to maintain it for
>> some middle term. It still would need to be reviewed and uploaded by
>> someone else.

I can sponsor your upload and can do a first review of the packaging.
I'll follow up on this in private eventually not to spam the list.

>> Do you think it could be part of this team?.
> I think this team is a good fit for this package and I'm fine with
> having the team be formally listed as its maintainer.

Same here.

I'll create a repository on Salsa if nobody here objects.

> Note that so far, this team's packages have mostly been maintained by
> the person who put them under the team umbrella in the first place:
> contrary to for example the Debian Perl Group, there's little
> team-wide work and collaboration going on. Thankfully there are
> exceptions (e.g. some team infrastructure work a few of us took care
> of in the last few years) but to be honest, don't expect that putting
> sbws under the umbrella of pkg-privacy will magically get you any
> active co-maintainers. Given your desire to have co-maintainers and
> the "some middle term" clause (a Debian release is typically supported
> for 5 years nowadays, which looks a bit more like long-term to me),
> I encourage you to actively look for interested individual
> co-maintainers, reviewers and sponsors, be in among current team
> members or elsewhere. Personally I won't have time to put into it.

Same here.

> Also, adding full-blown team members (as in: with commit access to all
> repos) is currently blocked until we have a policy to do that.
> I expect a draft will proposed by the end of the month. And in any
> case that won't prevent you from having commit access to sbws'
> Vcs-Git repo :)
> With these caveats: yeah, cool!

Welcome, sbws & Ju!


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