[SCM] proftpd-mod-dnsbl tag, debian/0.1.5-2, created. upstream/0.1.5-15-g4bb8937

Francesco P. Lovergine francesco at lovergine.com
Sat Apr 16 08:43:55 UTC 2011

The tag, debian/0.1.5-2 has been created
        at  4bb89371aa49eb4babb4597c41bfcd949aaa0fcd (commit)

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
commit 4bb89371aa49eb4babb4597c41bfcd949aaa0fcd
Author: Francesco P. Lovergine <francesco at lovergine.com>
Date:   Sat Apr 16 10:40:24 2011 +0200

    Fixed for ABI dependencies.

mod_dnsbl for proFTPD

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