Bug#94162: proftpd: mod_opie.c is missing

Hilmar Preuße hille42 at web.de
Mon Sep 26 08:52:11 UTC 2016

tags 94162 + fixed-upstream
# in 1.3.6rc2

Am 16.04.2001 um 17:54 schrieb Martin Godisch:


> proftpd fails to authenticate using OPIE challenge response protocol.
> Please check http://inner.net/pub/opie/contrib/mod_opie.c.gz, whether this
> module can be compiled into the Debian version. Include files can be found
> e.g. in package opie-client.
                     1.3.6 Release Notes
   + New Modules:

       The mod_auth_otp module supports one-time passwords using the 
HOTP and
       TOTP algorithms.  This OTP support is compatible with e.g. Google
       Authenticator and other implementations.  The mod_auth_otp module can
       thus be used to provide multi-factor authentication (MFA, 2FA) for
       both FTP and SFTP logins.  For more information, see the module
       documentation at doc/contrib/mod_auth_otp.html.

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