proftpd-dfsg_1.3.5b-2_amd64.changes REJECTED

Hilmar Preu├če hille42 at
Mon Jan 30 19:28:29 GMT 2017

Am 30.01.2017 um 14:18 tastete Debian FTP Masters:

Hi Francesco,

> Version check failed:
> Your upload included the source package proftpd-dfsg, version 1.3.5b-2,
> however unstable already has version 1.3.5b-2.
> Uploads to unstable must have a higher version than present in unstable.
Currently the git repo is in an unusable state. I can't tell, which 
version currently is in HEAD. Please be so kind to fix this!!

Further I upgraded to -2 today, but the NEWS entry telling that debconf 
was disabled wasn't displayed. Please make sure it is displayed for -3.


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