Bug#697121: vlc: sudden very loud sound to cause hearing demage

Rémi Denis-Courmont remi at remlab.net
Tue Feb 5 20:58:04 UTC 2013

reassign 697121 libpulse0
tags 697121 + upstream

Le mardi 1 janvier 2013 17:22:57, fermat a écrit :
> It is a bug of pulseaudio because it use a default setting that
> applications don't have independent volume control. otherwise the volume
> whill not grow to 147% but rather 20%*147% = 29.4%.
> It is apperently a bug of vlc because it displays a very misleading current
> volume 100% rather of 20%. Even if some adjust to the volume from 100% to
> 95%, it will cause the volume suddenly jumps from 20% to 95%.

This is a little bit improved in VLC 2.1: when audio is being played, VLC will 
automatically get the volume from PulseAudio. But before playback is started, 
the volume control will still display garbage.

Unfortunately, VLC cannot get the PulseAudio volume until after audio playback 
starts. There is no way to fix this on VLC side: there is no API in libpulse to 
get the volume of an application until after a sink input/stream is created.

Rémi Denis-Courmont

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