Bug#839993: May be there is a hook, but it does not work

Alexander Betaev betaev at gmail.com
Fri Oct 7 09:21:53 UTC 2016

Looks like I found one more related issue: when user uses audio device and
tries to logout it does not work.

I see these messages in GDM log (journalctl -u gdm):
окт 07 12:09:21 inftop gdm-launch-environment][5570]:
pam_systemd(gdm-launch-environment:session): Failed to create session: No
seat 'seat0allow-timed-login' known
окт 07 12:09:21 inftop gdm3[3099]: gdm_session_set_environment_variable:
assertion 'value != NULL' failed

Looks like missprint somewhere, but I don't know where.

Best regards,
Alexander Betaev
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