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Sat Jun 13 22:36:14 BST 2020

Hello Pali,

On Thu, Jun 4, 2020 at 3:17 PM Pali Rohár <pali.rohar at> wrote:

> Hello!
> For two years I have been playing with Bluetooth audio support. I
> prepared patches for pulseaudio which radically improve bluetooth A2DP
> situation on Linux, but now after two years I see that pulseaudio
> maintainers are in interested in them and they are fine with current
> bluetooth audio state on Linux.
> For last two months lot of users are asking me when my patches would be
> merged into pulseaudio and when bluetooth audio situation on Linux would
> be better.
> To all users now I'm writing reply, that they should forgot about Linux
> support as maintainers are not interested in it and users should use e.g.
> Apple systems where everything bluetooth audio related is working out of
> the box. It is just wasting time for non-power users on Linux to try to
> do anything if there are already Apple and Windows systems where it is
> working.
> So, I would like to ask you, Debian maintainers, are you interested in
> Bluetooth A2DP patches for pulseaudio in which pulseaudio maintainers
> are not interested? I have working support for aptX, aptX-HD, SBC-XQ
> and FastStream codecs in A2DP profile. FastStream is also with
> microphone support.

I don't want to maintain a fork of pulseaudio. So including patches that
upstream *actively* doesn't want is a hard sell.
However, I don't actually see that upstream is actively opposed. I even see
some activity happening right now which is awesome!

I would very much consider including patches that are on track to being
upstreamed, provided you are willing to help with rebasing patches on new
upstream versions. To be completely honest, my debian time is fairly
limited, so I'm not committing to more work now.

I would also be willing to consider following a patched-pulseaudio
upstream, especially of other distros are including the same patches. But
the important thing is that I am not an active pulseaudio developer, and
thus I don't want to maintain patches. I want to follow some upstream, not
be one.

Felipe Sateler
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