[Pkg-puppet-devel] [SCM] Puppet packaging for Debian annotated tag, 2.6.2rc1, created. 2.6.2rc1

James Turnbull james at lovedthanlost.net
Sat Oct 2 10:41:41 UTC 2010

The annotated tag, 2.6.2rc1 has been created
        at  b9a4c4822e60f03e1344e2d4bb291c397f2297ef (tag)
   tagging  917c520f1abc0c72d7065531cffcef88259e32e0 (commit)
  replaces  2.6.1
 tagged by  James Turnbull
        on  Fri Oct 1 10:50:48 2010 +1000

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
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Dan Bode (1):
      Fix for #4708 - tagmail should allow . in tagname

Dean Wilson (1):
      Add user account expiry to the useradd type and provider

Jacob Helwig (4):
      Fix #4743: Allow the audit meta-parameter to accept both 'all', and :all
      Port Puppet::SSLCertificates::CA test to rspec
      Fix #4226 - Prepend 'Puppet CA: ' to fqdn for default root ca_name
      (#4772) Update SuSE .spec file

James Turnbull (10):
      Documentation updates for Markdown conversion
      Fixed Reductive references in LICENSE file
      Fixed versioncmp function typo
      Fixed Puppet Doc TOC generation
      Fixed #3707 - rpm, like dpkg-query exits 1 if the package is not installed.  Returning
      Fixed #4819 - corrected cron documentation
      Fixed #4763 - Hardcoded ActiveRecord version
      Fixed documentation typo
      Updated CHANGELOG for 2.6.2rc1
      Incremented version to 2.6.2

Jesse Wolfe (3):
      [#4787] Missing require causing failure
      Fix #4267 - Create a backup before dropping permissions
      Fix #4726 Update puppet rrdtool metric code to support modern rrd ruby bindings

Markus Roberts (6):
      Minimal fix for #4631 -- set implicit classes as in 0.25.x
      Fix for #4746 -- Newline goes at the _end_ of the line
      Fix for #4804 -- escaped backslashes in interpolated strings
      Fix for 4273 -- revert b7e2580ab49ecdb67fc9b522829c005fc3750fbe
      Fix for #4649 -- avoid unsupported features on non-posix systems
      Fix for #4896 -- stray newline left over from removed diagnostic

Matt Robinson (3):
      (#4763) Don't call a method that was removed in Rails 3 activerecord
      (#4860) Add regression tests that would have caught bad params method
      [#4783] (#4783) Fix RRDGraph report generation

Nick Lewis (3):
      Fixes #4852 - error messages involving Whits now mention Classes instead
      Fix for #4644: install.rb works properly on Windows
      Adds #3046 - support for password min/max age

Paul Berry (9):
      [#4771] Import of manifests with the same name only happens once
      [#4716] ResourceTypeAPI exposes implementation details that are likely to change
      [#4692] undefined variables cause :undef to be passed to functions
      [#4798] Puppet doc manifests documentation mode broken
      Fixes #4822 -- Puppet doc -o option broken
      Fixes #4863 (Missing "require 'webrick'" causes nondeterministic spec failures)
      Fixed #4025 (failure in launchd if certain plists are binary).
      Improvement to #4025: made spec tests work on all platforms
      Fixes #4792 (Duplicate definition since 2.6.1 upgrade)

Simon Effenberg (1):
      (#4860) Fix wrong method name.. params seems to be renamed to parameters


Puppet packaging for Debian

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