[Pkg-puppet-devel] commit and moderation messages

Stig Sandbeck Mathisen ssm at debian.org
Wed Jun 22 12:33:01 UTC 2011

Right now, we send the list a mail for every commit message, with the
mail address of the original committer as envelope sender.

If a commit message is held for moderation, the original committer gets
a mail saying "Your message to pkg-puppet-devel awaits moderation, press
this link to cancel". This can, of course, happen months after the
commit was made.

What we can do is:

* Send a mail for every annotated tag (new upstream or package release
  pushed to alioth)

* Set "puppet at packages.debian.org" as the sender address.

I'm going to test:

* Sending a message to the "puppet at packages.debian.org" address.

* Sending a message to the "pkg-puppet-devel at lists.alioth.debian.org"
  address from the "puppet at packages.debian.org" address.

Feel free to ignore and delete these test messages. :)

If this looks good, I'll change the commit hook settings for the
"puppet" and "facter" repositories.

The result should be that each of us will not get the ~1000 commit
messages for the 2.7.0 merge sent via the list, but one message for the
upstream/2.7.0 tag.

(that is, unless the mail is held for moderation, in which case the list
will probably get the "your message is held for moderation" message
instead. That would depend on the mailman list configuration :)

Any comments?

Stig Sandbeck Mathisen
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