[Pkg-puppet-devel] [SCM] Puppet packaging for Debian annotated tag, upstream/2.7.19, created. upstream/2.7.19

Stig Sandbeck Mathisen ssm at debian.org
Wed Aug 22 09:34:15 UTC 2012

The annotated tag, upstream/2.7.19 has been created
        at  d6f10511fecc32463ebf7cc48eef8b56352ffc9e (tag)
   tagging  97c9052b5300f4839ad436f304acba05c61e6ff5 (commit)
  replaces  upstream/2.7.18
 tagged by  Stig Sandbeck Mathisen
        on  Wed Aug 22 11:28:56 2012 +0200

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 2.7.19
Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (GNU/Linux)


Andrew Parker (12):
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'cve/2.7rc' into 2.7.x
      (Maint) Require the right file for md5
      Merge pull request #927 from joshcooper/ticket/2.7.x/14964-close-unlink
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/2.7.x' into 2.7rc
      (13070) Mark files as loaded before we load
      (#15595) Clear up tests around ssl errors
      (#15595) Improve message on SSL errors
      Merge pull request #978 from zaphod42/bug/2.7.x/15595-better-ssl-verify-errors
      (Maint) Remove reference to Patchwork
      Merge pull request #989 from zaphod42/maint/2.7.x/remove_patchwork_reference
      (#15471) Ensure non-root can read report summary
      (#15471) Fix setting mode of last_run_summary

Andy Sykes (1):
      Fixes for #10915 and #11200 - user provider for AIX

Daniel Pittman (8):
      Enforce "must not should" on Puppet::Type instances in tests.
      Fix all trivial "should to must" errors in our tests.
      Fix type check when transforming catalog.
      Fix broken ability to remove resources from the catalog.
      Fix broken TransBucket transformation tests.
      Eliminate require calls at runtime.
      Use Win32 API atomic replace in `replace_file`
      Ruby 1.9.3 has a different error when `require` fails.

Dominic Cleal (3):
      (#7285) Add spec for Augeas initialisation and file loading
      (#13379) Add path of pluginsync'd lenses to Augeas load_path automatically
      (#15078) Document USR2 log rotation signal

Dominic Maraglia (1):
      (maint) Add --test to puppet run

Dustin J. Mitchell (3):
      (#15595) Offer better errors for certificate validation errors
      updates as requested
      use error_message instead of error

Franz Pletz (1):
      (#9160) Change logging facility to debug for not supported provider features

Hailee Kenney (9):
      Merge pull request #950 from zaphod42/bug/2.7.x/13070-error-describing-types
      (Maint) Clarify which branches changes should be based on
      (Maint) Clarify that Redmine tickets are mandatory
      (Maint) Be more honest about submission methods
      Merge branch 'non-string-resource-titles' of https://github.com/nicklewis/puppet into 2.7.x
      (Maint) Remove some more ambiguity
      Update CONTRIBUTING.md
      Replace "the short version" with outline
      Merge pull request #960 from hkenney/maint/2.7.x/fix_up_contributing_md

Jakub Holy (1):
      tidy.rb: Added info about the default value of 'type' to the doc.

Jeff McCune (2):
      (#14860) Fix puppet cert exit status on failures
      (maint) Add tags to .gitingore

Jeff Weiss (4):
      Merge pull request #922 from nfagerlund/maint/2.7.x/wether
      Merge pull request #911 from nfagerlund/maint/2.7.x/file_replace_default_value
      Merge pull request #918 from joshcooper/maint/2.7.x/updated-README_DEVELOPER
      Merge pull request #798 from zaphod42/bug/2.7.x/14400-user-resources-generate-spurious-messages

Josh Cooper (14):
      (#13009) Compare scheduled task commands using backslashes
      (#13008) Allow scheduled task arguments to be specified
      (#14749) Clear reference to invalid task after saving
      (#14964) Don't fail if we can't unlink the Tempfile on Windows
      (#13489) Synchronously start and stop services
      (#13489) Use let to memoize instance variables
      Merge branch 'ticket/2.7.x/14740-ordering-error' of https://github.com/pcarlisle/puppet into 2.7.x
      (#11868) Use `Installer` automation interface to query package state
      (Maint) Document common Windows issues
      (#14964) Unlink Tempfiles consistently across different ruby versions
      (Maint) Spec test wasn't testing anything
      (Maint) Don't assume paths are absolute
      Merge pull request #943 from joshcooper/maint/2.7.x/openrc-spec
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'andy/ticket/2.7rc/15471_last_run_report_only_readable_by_root' into 2.7rc

Kelsey Hightower (10):
      Merge pull request #881 from kbarber/ticket/2.7.x/14962-pmt_relative_modulepath
      Merge pull request #894 from kbarber/ticket/2.7.x/14715-solaris_pmt_gnu_tar
      Merge pull request #388 from codec/ticket/2.7.x/10354-missing-userdel-flag
      Merge pull request #869 from stschulte/ticket/2.7.x/14600
      Merge pull request #870 from MosesMendoza/maint/2.7.x/use_git_describe_in_packaging
      Merge pull request #839 from jeffmccune/ticket/2.7.x/14860_puppet_cert_generate_subcommand_does_not_exit_with_non-zero_status_when_certificate_is_not_created
      Merge pull request #805 from stschulte/ticket/2.7.x/14599
      Merge pull request #864 from stschulte/ticket/2.7.x/14531
      Merge pull request #585 from andytinycat/2.7.x
      Merge pull request #654 from stschulte/feature/2.7.x/13880

Ken Barber (2):
      (#14962) PMT doesn't support setting a relative modulepath
      (#14715) Use gtar with 'puppet module install' on Solaris

Matthaus Litteken (14):
      (#15027, #15028, #15029) Fix upstart version parsing
      Add exclude list to upstart provider
      Handle network-interface-security in upstart
      Add basic service resource test to upstart acceptance
      Add spec test for network-interface-security
      Upstart code cleanup, init provider improvement
      Add comment to upstart provider explaining exclusion of 'wait-for-state'
      (maint) Add symlink stub to gentoo service provider spec
      Merge branch '2.7rc' into 2.7.x
      Merge pull request #871 from Whopper92/createpackage_update
      Merge pull request #866 from Whopper92/logrotate_update
      Merge pull request #910 from Whopper92/puppet_module_dir
      Merge pull request #1017 from MosesMendoza/maint/2.7rc/update_spec_for_fedora_17
      (#15291) Add Vendor tag to Puppet spec file

Michael Stahnke (1):
      Update main readme to have links to contrib and dev docs

Moses Mendoza (8):
      Determine packaging version with git describe
      Merge branch '2.7.x' into 2.7rc
      Update CHANGELOG lib/puppet.rb conf/redhat/puppet.spec for 2.7.19rc1
      Add additional commits to CHANGELOG missed in 2.7.19rc1
      Update CHANGELOG, conf/redhat/puppet.spec for 2.7.19rc2
      Add packaging support for fedora 17
      Update CHANGELOG, conf/redhat/puppet.spec for 2.7.19rc3
      Update CHANGELOG, conf/redhat/puppet.spec for 2.7.19

MosesMendoza (1):
      Merge pull request #1023 from haus/ticket/2.7rc/15291_add_vendor_field

Nick Lewis (4):
      Merge pull request #865 from haus/maint/2.7.x/fix_gentoo_test_failure
      Merge pull request #867 from djm68/add_test_agent_run_hostname_not_match
      Don't allow resource titles which aren't strings
      Fix buggy resource title tests

Patrick Carlisle (13):
      Stub pkginfo when installing in openbsd spec
      Use in memory sqlite database for unit tests
      Refactor file backup specs
      Initialize resources strictly in backup specs
      Avoid circular requirement in FileMetadata indirection
      Clear deprecation warnings between tests
      Remove useless tests for Envelope
      Try again to avoid circular dependency in file indirections
      Use cross-platform absolute paths in file_serving tests
      Extract host validation in store report processor
      Avoid circular requirement in FileMetadata indirection
      Try again to avoid circular dependency in file indirections
      Use rspec 2.11 compatible block syntax

R. Tyler Croy (1):
      Switch Rakefile off deprecated rake/gempackagetask

Stefan Schulte (5):
      (#13880) Add openrc service provider for Gentoo and Funtoo
      (#13880) Add openrc spec - service with extreme long name
      (#14599) Handle ENOTDIR in file type
      (#14531) Change default ensure value from symlink to link
      (#14600) Fix cleanup of tempfiles in file_spec

Stig Sandbeck Mathisen (1):
      Imported Upstream version 2.7.19

Will Hopper (3):
      Update logrotate config to not restart puppetmasterd
      (#14909) Update createpackage.sh to resolve permissions issues
      (#15221) Create /etc/puppet/modules directory for puppet module tool

codec (1):
      (#10354) added delete command to fix missing userdel flag in useradd provider

lifton (1):
      Merge pull request #862 from haus/ticket/2.7/15027_15028_15029_upstart_version_not_semver

nfagerlund (3):
      Merge pull request #878 from domcleal/tickets/2.7.x/15078
      Maint: Note in docs that the file type's "replace" attribute defaults to true
      (Maint:) Fix bad doc strings for two settings ("wether")

pcarlisle (9):
      Merge pull request #596 from domcleal/tickets/2.7.x/13379-aug-pluginsync
      Merge pull request #896 from pcarlisle/maint/2.7.x/sqlite-memory-db
      Merge pull request #861 from joshcooper/ticket/2.7.x/13489-service-refresh
      Merge pull request #849 from joshcooper/ticket/2.7.x/14964-unlink-tempfile
      Merge pull request #828 from joshcooper/ticket/2.7.x/set-scheduled-tasks
      Merge pull request #913 from daniel-pittman/perf/2.7.x/eliminate-require-in-functions
      Merge pull request #912 from daniel-pittman/maint/2.7.x/tests-must-use-must-not-should-on-resources
      Merge pull request #851 from joshcooper/ticket/2.7.x/11868-msi-provider
      Merge pull request #1024 from haus/ticket/2.7rc/11325_fix_load_failure_regex


Puppet packaging for Debian

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