[Pkg-puppet-devel] [SCM] Packaging of Facter for debian annotated tag, upstream/1.6.17, created. upstream/1.6.17

Stig Sandbeck Mathisen ssm at debian.org
Wed Jan 2 23:54:13 UTC 2013

The annotated tag, upstream/1.6.17 has been created
        at  a096e4201ad816b84a4f4b144874477a939f9726 (tag)
   tagging  5798143f9db100d16d691635aeb79c3f6e47c5a3 (commit)
  replaces  upstream/1.6.10
 tagged by  Stig Sandbeck Mathisen
        on  Thu Jan 3 00:01:45 2013 +0100

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
Upstream version 1.6.17
Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (GNU/Linux)


Adrien Thebo (2):
      (#17840) Use enum_cpuinfo for x86 arch
      (maint) Remove processor_spec duplicate stubbing

Alex Harvey (5):
      (#14764) Stop calling enum_cpuinfo and enum_lsdev on unsuitable platforms
      (#13535) Fix uptime; use `uptime` instead of `who -b`
      (#16506) Fix illegal option error from uname on hpux
      (#11612) Add support for processorX facts on HP-UX
      (#17487) Add support for HPUX NIC bonding in IP facts

Andrew Abrahamowicz (1):
      (#11640) Added support for new OpenStack MAC addresses

Andrew Elwell (1):
      Update version nos to match Facter development

Andrew Parker (9):
      Merge pull request #271 from haus/ticket/1.6.x/15687_verify_policyvers_exists_before_reading
      (Maint) Update CONTRIBUTING.md to match Puppet
      Merge pull request #276 from zaphod42/maint/1.6.x/update_contributing_md
      (#10819) Avoid reading from /proc/self/mounts in ruby
      (Maint) Extract common elements of selinux tests
      Merge pull request #304 from zaphod42/ticket/1.6.x/10819-facter-causes-puppet-agent-hang
      Merge branch 'ticket/1.6.x/1415-truncated-ib-mac-addresses' into 1.6.x
      (Maint) Remove aliases for spec from Rakefile
      Merge pull request #362 from joshcooper/ticket/1.6.x/17855-ec2-timeout-error

Chris Barker (1):
      (#15708) fixes facter file mappings for pkgbuild

Daniel Pittman (1):
      Update copyright years in LICENSE

Dominic Cleal (1):
      (#15049) Return only one selinuxfs path as string from mounts

Francis Gulotta (1):
      (#17177) Add MTU information to interfaces

Garrett Honeycutt (4):
      removes trailing whitespace
      fixes formatting bug in man page
      removes generator comments
      fixes spacing on puppet option to be in line

Hailee Kenney (2):
      Merge branch 'tickets/1.6.x/15049' of https://github.com/domcleal/facter into 1.6.x
      Merge branch 'ticket/1.6.x/11640_openstack_mac_address_change' of https://github.com/aabrahamowicz/facter into 1.6.x

Jared Curtis (2):
      (#15001) ifconfig regex will optionally match 'addr:'
      Test data for net-tools 1.60

Jeff McCune (38):
      (#15464) Make contributing easy via bundle Gemfile
      (#15464) Make Facter.version settable via Facter.version=
      Merge branch 'ticket/1.6.x/15464_a_gemfile_would_improve_contributor_on-boarding' into 1.6.x
      Merge branch 'fix/1.6.x/14674_rewrite_processor_fact' into 1.6.x
      Merge branch 'ticket/1.6.x/13535_facter_uptime_can_be_wrong_on_AIX' into 1.6.x
      Merge branch 'fix/1.6.x/16506_hpux_uname_p' into 1.6.x
      (#16526) Fix physicalprocessorcount fact on Solaris
      Merge branch 'fix/1.6.x/16526_fix_physicalprocessorcount_fact' into 1.6.x
      (#16527) Fix processorcount fact on Solaris
      Merge branch 'fix/1.6.x/16527_fix_processorcount_on_solaris' into 1.6.x
      (maint) Add newlines to all files (whitespace only)
      (maint) Remove rspec from shebang lines
      Merge branch 'maint/1.6.x/cleanup' into 1.6.x
      (maint) Add mailmap for git shortlog
      (maint) Cleanup of the virtual spec tests.
      (maint) Properly indent virtual_spec.rb
      (#8210) Add a heavy virtual fact using virt-what
      Merge branch 'fix/1.6.x/8210_fix_virtual_fact_for_el_kvm_guests' into 1.6.x
      (#11609) Fix processorX facts for AIX systems
      Merge branch 'fix/1.6.x/11609_fix_aix_processor_facts' into 1.6.x
      (maint) Add .yardopts file
      Merge branch 'maint/1.6.x/yard' into 1.6.x
      (#16511) Do not call arp -an on Solaris nodes
      Merge branch 'fix/1.6.x/16511_fix_arp_an_for_solaris8_small' into 1.6.x
      Merge branch 'alexharv074-ticket/1.6.x/11612_add_support_for_hpux_processor' into 1.6.x
      Fixup whitespace in (#17177) Add MTU information to interfaces
      (#17177) Fix spec failure when running on Mac OS X
      Merge branch 'jeff-ticket/1.6.x/17177_add_mtu_to_interfaces' into 1.6.x
      Merge branch 'adrienthebo-ticket/1.6.x/17840-enum_cpuinfo-on-x86' into 1.6.x
      Merge branch 'adrienthebo-maint/1.6.x/processor_spec_stubs' into 1.6.x
      Merge branch 'alexharv074-ticket/1.6.x/17487_bug_fix_for_HPUX_network_and_others' into 1.6.x
      (#16626) Exercise IP.get_interface_value("bond0","macaddress")
      (Maint) Add YARD doc for get_interface_value
      Merge branch 'josb-ebaysf-ticket/1.6.x/16626_ruby_19_compat_fix' into 1.6.x
      (#17925) Fix ec2_userdata: 404 Not Found Error
      Merge branch 'bug/1.6.x/17925_fix_ec2_userdata' into 1.6.x
      (#15001) Add spec examples for ipaddress fact
      Merge branch 'fix/1.6.x/15001_ifconfig_format_change' into 1.6.x

Jos Backus (1):
      (#16626) Fix handling of bonded Linux interfaces

Josh Cooper (10):
      (#16829) Change how bundler is detected
      Merge branch 'ticket/1.6.x/16829-rubygems' into 1.6.x
      Merge branch 'ticket/1.6.x/16397_fix_selinux_mount_point_for_185' into 1.6.x
      Maint: fix mismatched stub
      Merge pull request #346 from zaphod42/maint/1.6.x/remove-aliases-from-rakefile
      (#17493) Safer handling of EC2 'open' calls
      (#17493) Merge rescue blocks
      Merge branch 'ticket/1.6.x/17493_rescue_metadata_open' into 1.6.x
      (#17855) Rescue Timeout::Error
      (#17855) Rescue Timeout::Error

Matthaus Litteken (33):
      Merge pull request #251 from stahnma/ruby19_1.6.x
      (#15687) Selinux: Test for policyvers before reading it
      Add build-requires of ruby-rdoc for manpage generation
      Merge pull request #285 from MosesMendoza/maint/1.6.x/Fix_ruby_rdoc_build_requires_for_f17
      Merge pull request #286 from MosesMendoza/maint/1.6.x/fix_pathing_for_fedora_17
      (#15291) Add Vendor tag to Facter spec file
      Retabbed conf/redhat/facter.spec to lineup tag contents.
      Merge pull request #295 from MosesMendoza/maint/1.6.x/shift_to_using_packaging_repo
      Merge pull request #296 from MosesMendoza/use_read_only_packaging_repo_for_public_use
      Merge pull request #298 from MosesMendoza/remove_sed_use_in_preflight.erb
      Merge pull request #300 from MosesMendoza/fix_release_rpm_var
      Merge pull request #302 from MosesMendoza/remove_version_test_from_facter_1_6_x
      Merge pull request #303 from MosesMendoza/fix_yum_repo_path
      Updating CHANGELOG and version.rb for 1.6.12-rc2
      Merge pull request #305 from vrthra/maint/1.6.x/use_packaging_repo
      Updating FACTERVERSION and CHANGELOG for 1.6.12
      Merge branch '1.6rc' into 1.6.x
      Merge pull request #308 from MosesMendoza/maint/1.6.x/fix_apple_pkg_info_plist
      Merge pull request #310 from MosesMendoza/ticket/1.6.x/16341_return_epoch_to_facter_spec
      (#5205) Update facter manpage
      (maint) Replace deprecated Config with RbConfig in debian/rules
      Remove sbin references from install.rb
      Remove RbConfig=>Config monkey_patch
      Add --ruby flag to install.rb
      Remove svn specific code from install.rb
      (maint) Update debian/rules to use new --ruby flag
      Update default cows
      Remove asc file a source for RPM builds
      Spec file cleanup
      Remove INSTALL from Facter
      Remove CHANGELOG from Facter
      Updating FACTERVERSION for facter 1.6.13-rc1
      (#16397) Update selinux_mount_point for 1.8.5 compatibility

Matthaus Owens (15):
      Merge pull request #318 from MosesMendoza/maint/1.6.x/cleanup_package_repo_rake_tasks
      Update facter debian packaging for 1.9 support
      Merge pull request #330 from MosesMendoza/maint/1.6.x/add_vendor_and_retab
      Merge pull request #353 from MosesMendoza/maint/1.6.x/ips_fixes
      (maint) Remove hard dependency on rspec from Rakefile
      Updating FACTERVERSION for 1.6.15-rc1
      Updating FACTERVERSION to 1.6.15
      Merge branch 'release/1.6.x/1.6.15' into 1.6.x
      Remove fedora 15 mocks, as f15 is EOL.
      Remove fedora 15 mocks, as f15 is EOL.
      Update FACTERVERSION to 1.6.16
      Merge branch 'release/1.6.x/1.6.16' into 1.6.x
      Add quantal to default cows list.
      Merge pull request #378 from MosesMendoza/packaging/1.6.x/fix_apple_pkging_mapping
      Update FACTERVERSION to 1.6.17

Michael Renz (10):
      (#1415) Added case for Linux/IB to get correct IB address or fail predictably.
      (#1415) ifconfig should not run twice for Linux.
      (#1415) Handles ruby hanging of File.read of /sys/class/ with cat.
      (#16005) Puppet agent generates ifconfig warnings on InfiniBand systems fix
      (#1415) ip_spec.rb test added for linux_ifconfig_ib0
      (#1415) added two methods and spec tests
      (#1415) ifconfig_interface should output its output
      (#1415) fixed the regex map
      (#1415) ifconfig_interface change.
      (#16005) updated ipaddress6_spec.rb and macaddress_spec.rb to reflect updated ifconfig STDERR redirect

Michael Stahnke (4):
      Modify facter spec to work with Ruby 1.9
      Merge pull request #323 from haus/maint/1.6.x/update_rules_with_rbconfig
      Merge pull request #322 from ghoneycutt/ticket/1.6.x/5205_update_facter_manpage
      Merge pull request #319 from haus/ticket/1.6.x/16179_fix_rubysitedir_fact

Moses Mendoza (37):
      Update CHANGELOG, lib/facter.rb, conf/redhat/facter.spec for 1.6.11rc1
      Update CHANGELOG, conf/redhat/facter.spec for 1.6.11
      Update a facter build-requires for f17
      Update a facter build-requires for f17
      Update facter redhat spec for fedora 17
      Move packaging files to ext, rm conf
      Move tasks out of 'rake' subdirectory
      Replace rake/gempackagetask with rubygems/gempackagetask
      Add debian build artifacts to facter project
      Move facter redhat spec file to erb
      Group requires together
      Remove obsolete tasks directory
      Shift to using packaging repo
      Fixup redhat spec erb template for f17
      Update debhelper compat to 7, add format
      Remove libexec from file list as its only in 2.x
      Fixup apple packaging
      Use git read-only packaging repo for public access
      Stop using sed to generate the preflight erb
      fix redhat spec release template variable
      Remove version test from facter
      Merge branch '1.6.x' into 1.6rc
      Update CHANGELOG, lib/facter/version.rb for 1.6.12-rc1
      Merge branches '1.6rc' and '1.6.x' into 1.6.x
      fix yum repo path in yaml file
      Fixup apple package plist for use with packaging repo
      (#16341) return epoch to 1.6.x branch
      fail better in package repo rake tasks
      return vendor field and retab
      Update lib/facter/version.rb for 1.6.13
      Update lib/facter/version.rb for 1.6.14-rc1
      Update lib/facter/version.rb for 1.6.14
      Merge branch 'release/1.6.x/1.6.14' into 1.6.x
      Update ips ruby libdir to use sitelibdir instead of rubylibdir
      Turn on IPS building for facter
      install.rb doesn't support sbindir, so remove it from ips rules
      Update lib/facter/version.rb for 1.6.17-rc1

MosesMendoza (11):
      Merge pull request #283 from haus/maint/1.6.x/fix_facter_man_generation
      Merge pull request #288 from haus/ticket/1.6.x/15291_add_vendor_tag_to_spec
      Merge pull request #321 from haus/maint/1.6.x/allow_19_on_debian
      Merge pull request #312 from vrthra/packaging/ips_support
      Merge pull request #324 from haus/maint/1.6.x/fixup_install_rb
      Merge pull request #327 from haus/maint/1.6.x/update_rules_for_new_install_rb_flag
      Merge pull request #328 from haus/maint/1.6.x/update_default_cows_and_mocks
      Merge pull request #329 from haus/maint/1.6.x/facter_spec_cleanup
      Merge pull request #355 from haus/maint/1.6.x/remove_hard_rspec_dependency_from_rakefile
      Merge pull request #367 from haus/remove_f15_mocks
      Merge pull request #373 from haus/maint/1.6.x/add_quantal_cow

Patrick Carlisle (1):
      Only load rubygems in bin/facter

Stig Sandbeck Mathisen (1):
      Imported Upstream version 1.6.17

Todd Zullinger (1):
      Improve rubysitedir fact

rahul (3):
      (maint) add packaging artifacts
      (packaging) add ips support
      (packaging) ips: add shipping and signing support


Packaging of Facter for debian

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