[Pkg-puppet-devel] Status of puppet and facter packages?

micah micah at riseup.net
Mon Nov 27 17:44:23 UTC 2017

Andrew Pollock <apollock at debian.org> writes:

> I've not been paying particularly close attention to the packaging of Puppet                                             
> and Facter because of Real Life(tm), but it's been brought to my attention                                               
> that Facter (at least) is lagging behind what's upstream, so I thought I'd                                               
> check in.                                                                                                                
> If nothing's planned I might see what I can do about updating facter for a                                               
> start, in my copious amounts of spare time.                                                                              

Hi all,

I've also noticed that facter is lagging quite a bit. The last update
was Stig importing 2.4.6 in January of 2016.

Andrew - are you still interested in updating this?


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