[Pkg-puppet-devel] Bug#960416: leatherman: FTBFS with boost 1.71

Sebastian Ramacher sramacher at debian.org
Tue May 12 12:58:15 BST 2020

Source: leatherman
Version: 1.4.2+dfsg-2
Severity: important
User: team+boost at tracker.debian.org
Usertags: boost1.71
Tags: patch sid bullseye

leatherman fails to build with boost 1.71:
| -- Configuring done
| CMake Error at tests/CMakeLists.txt:2 (add_executable):
|   Target "leatherman_test" links to target "Boost::date_time" but the
|   target was not found.  Perhaps a find_package() call is missing for an IMPORTED
|   target, or an ALIAS target is missing?

Patch is available at

Sebastian Ramacher
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