Bug#718355: python-debian: Please add support for .deb with uncompressed data.tar member

Guillem Jover guillem at debian.org
Tue Jul 30 17:01:25 UTC 2013

Package: python-debian
Version: 0.1.21+nmu2
Severity: wishlist


The python-debian code does not seem to support uncompressed data.tar
.deb members, as specified by deb(5), which have been supported since
dpkg 1.10.24.

At least the Linux kernel team is currently using «dpkg-deb -Zgzip -z0»
on linux-source-3.10, which generates an uncompressed data.tar.gz member
(which TBH in a strict sense it's bogus for dpkg to create), ideally
once dak accepts uncompressed data.tar member (w/o extension). the
kernel could switch to use «dpkg-deb -Znone».

Supporting them in python-debian will allow to access those packages,
which might already exist in the wild. AFAIK debdelta is already using
those when reconstructing .debs to feed to dpkg, to avoid duped work.


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