Bug#604093: Bug #604093: python-debian: iter_paragraphs: be more robust against RFC822 comments in unicoded files -- swallows the trailer

Yaroslav Halchenko yoh at debian.org
Tue Jul 29 14:27:34 UTC 2014

On Tue, 29 Jul 2014, Stuart Prescott wrote:
> > but if deb822 is not derived from rfc822, I guess my report was a moot ;)

> I can see where you're coming from here. Our definition of the format is Policy 
> §5.1, which doesn't actually mention RFC822, defines some things that are not 
> in that RFC and doesn't include other things that are. I suspect that our 
> common description of this format as being "pseudo-rfc822" is a (clumsy) 
> shorthand that at times leads us astray.

> So, I think your bug report exposed some useful inconsistencies in deb822's 
> handling of filehandles vs other generators and I think we're getting close to 
> solving them. Adding handling to the parser for ";"-comments, however, I think 
> we should skip.

thank you for the analysis -- and I am glad to be that useful ;)  Do as
you deemed necessary.


> (thanks to juliank and others in #d-devel for confirming my suspicions)
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