Bug#743174: paragraph parsing truncates on comments

Martin Pitt mpitt at debian.org
Mon Mar 31 08:16:51 UTC 2014

Package: python-debian
Version: 0.1.21+nmu2


while debugging an autopkgtest bug[1] I noticed that python-debian's
parsing of paragraphs ignores everything after a line comment. Simple

$ echo -e 'Build-Depends: foo,\n#comment\n bar' | python -c 'import sys, debian.deb822; l = [p for p in debian.deb822.Deb822.iter_paragraphs(sys.stdin)]; print(l)'
[{'Build-Depends': u'foo,'}]

This parses

Build-Depends: foo,

but "bar" doesn't appear in the result. E. g. lintian has that in its
debian/control file.

Thanks for considering,


[1] https://launchpad.net/bugs/1300031
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