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Stuart Prescott stuart at debian.org
Sun Mar 25 09:45:55 UTC 2018

Hi Ole,

The python-debian mailing list is for the modules and applications 
maintainer teams but not the maintainers of the python-debian package:

Maintainer: Debian python-debian Maintainers <pkg-python-debian-
maint at lists.alioth.debian.org>

(full quoting below for the benefit of the other python-debian maintainers)

A separate python3-debian.blends package maintained by a separate blends 
team sounds OK to me although I suggest that it is the subdirectory ../dist-
packages/debian/blends/*.py instead (. not - as the separator, btw). I 
assume that you'll want various things from python3-debian so depending on 
that package to get the appropriate __init__.py isn't a problem. I don't 
know if pybuild/dh_python3 would get confused about providing only one part 
of the hierarchy in python3-debian.blends but I'll leave you to experiment 
with that ;)

I've been idly contemplating whether python-debian itself should be split 
into a minimal subset of what is needed by things currently in the standard 
task and a separate package for everything else, with the intention that the 
"everything else" could Priority: optional and depend on additional modules 
from distro-info, arfile, etc. The idea is that we'd have something like 
python3-debian.version (for python3-reportbug) with python3-debian depending 
on that package.

Thoughts and comments (on both suggestions)?


Ole Streicher wrote:
> Hi,
> I am currently rewriting part of the blends-dev package which is used
> for maintaining Debian Pure Blends into Python. This however comes out
> some abstractions of Blends (namely the tasks infrastructure) that may
> be re-usable on other places, f.e. in the blends.d.o web service. So it
> is probably a good idea to create a separate Python package from it.
> Since this package deals with tasks sources, it sounds natural to put
> this as a sub-package of the "debian" package. I would however not like
> to integrate the sources to python-debian. First, it is very new and
> likely to change API quickly in the next time. But also, the blends
> subpackage is quite special; there is no need to have it installed in
> such a broad manner as python-debian.
> And finally, I do not care about Python 2 compatibility here.
> What I could do easily is to create a python3-debian-blends binary
> package (maintained in the "blends" source package) for this subpackage,
> just installs a "blends.py" into ../dist-packages/debian/
> Since this is however somehow hijacking (part of) the namespace of
> python-debian, I'd like to know the policy here.
> Are there any problems with that approach?
> Best regards
> Ole
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